Bandera Unsung Synopsis

Bandera is a place unlike any other. Nobody really knows why or how it started, but for generations, this small, one stop light town in the heart of Texas hill country has been a beacon for original country music. No one seems to know why, but Bandera seems to attract and hold a number of very special artists. Many icons of country music played in there over the years. Some when they were just starting out and others on the way up. We set out to discover what is it about Bandera that makes it such a special place.

Along the way, we came to know the musicians featured in the film. Each a talented artist in their own right. We will tell the stories of their lives and the passion behind their music. And by doing so, we discover that there is a different definition of success that is alive and well in America. One that is not dominated by money, mansions and marketing. For the unsung heroes of Bandera, success is about doing what they love on their own terms in a place that embraces them for who they are and the talent they share.

The climax of Bandera Unsung happens when we bring all of these artists together, for the first time ever under one roof, for a inspiring night of true country music that the hill country will not soon forget.

Maybe there’s a bit of Bandera, Texas in all of us, hoping that one day we too will make the trip.