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Loyd Bonham

Loyd Bonham

Loyd Bonham

The Beatles sparked Loyd Bonham’s interest in music, not traditional country.

“I was beating on buckets with sticks – I was going to be the next Ringo Starr!” He and his buddies also “. . . cut guitars out of plywood and stood around pretending to play.”

By 1969, Bonham had a real guitar. He learned watching others and from friends with whom he played in a succession of garage bands. Active in church music, he was musical director for a small Baptist church. Bonham began writing his own music, some of it for the church, some for himself. In the 1980’s he attended songwriters’ gatherings in San Antonio.

“The woman who ran the group would give us a word like ‘rained’ and we had to write a song from that word for the next week.”

His first band, The Cadillac Cowboys, came out of the songwriter group in 1989. Three years later the Cowboys morphed into another band called “Pecos” and his long association with guitar player-collaborator, Larry Crouch. After a stab at retirement, Crouch and bass player, “Kosmo”, convinced Bonham to form “The Loyd Bonham Band”, which continues to the present. “We decided to dig up songs we’d written, more Texas style, not just covers.”

The result is versatile, unique mix spanning original Texas sounds, to classic rock, classic country, Gospel, all of it layered with a bluesy, southern rock spin. “I love southern rock,” Bonham says, “Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Allman Brothers.” He also references, “John Mellancamp and Steve Earle, lyrically, and I love Merle Haggard.” Music lovers find Bonham at venues throughout Bandera, the Hill Country and at private parties and events.

With three sold out CD’s to his band’s credit, Bonham says proudly, “The first two were 50% covers, but the third is all original.” His only regret? “I wish there were more places to play.” And Nashville? “Leave it to the ‘pros’,” he laughs.

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