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Lore Orion

Lore Orion

Lore Orion

Lore Orion can legitimately call himself a cowboy, an artist, songwriter, performer, author and President-for-Life of his own organization, “Citizens for a Wilder West.” Of the latter he says, “If you have to ask what a Citizen for a Wilder West is – you’re not.”

His other pursuits are easier to define. As an artist he designed album covers for Billy Joe Shaver, Jefferson Airplane, Waylon Jennings and the Grateful Dead’s “Riders of The Purple Sage”. Orion the writer has three children’s books to his credit (under the pseudonym Lore Shoberg}. He’s drawn gags and written for DC Comics and The National Lampoon.

In the ‘70’s he fronted a band of Nashville musicians appropriately named “Bandera”. Although signed to National Geographic Records and later MCA, the southern rock album fizzled and Orion came back to Bandera (the town) where he formed another band, “The Legends”, with which he toured England. Most recently, two songs from his Bandera band days were covered by Tim McGraw on his “The Dancehall Doctors” CD. Orion’s music has also been recorded by the likes of Bill Anderson, David Rogers and Waylon Jennings. He references the recordings of his music by world champion cowboys, Chris LeDoux and Larry Mahan, as an “indescribable honor.”

When asked why he thinks “lightning strikes for some in the music business and not for others,” he shakes his head and says, “It’s not that. Lots of people have the ability and the material, but they lack the mental and emotional toughness it takes to succeed.”

Lore Orion lets his artwork and writing speak for him these days and although he’s stopped touring, he’s still highly visible in his frock coat and tall hat and continues writing and cartooning. In 2010 he appeared onstage during Bruce Robison’s (“Travelin’Soldier”, et al) Homecoming concerts and devotes his time happily to “. . . writing songs and plays and drawing pictures.”

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