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Doug Livingston

Doug Livingston

“My mom and aunt were piano players. They tried to teach me and my sister to play. My sister listened. I didn’t,” Livingston says, typically tongue-in-cheek.

He did play trumpet in his high school band, but it wasn’t until the Air Force that he learned to play guitar. “It was rhythm to start,” he says. “I like lead, but I had to hum in A, B, C until I learned to sing every song in every key. When I took up bass I didn’t have to think about it.”

In 1969 he wound up in Kerrville, Texas, (25 miles from Bandera) and the great fiddle player, Phil Trimble, got him started on bass, his instrument of choice since. “Phil needed a bass player and he hired me for his Rhythm Ranch Hands band. It was also Phil who brought me to Bandera,” Livingston says.

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